Connecting to Others

As an expert in helping people unlock their potential through energy management and resilience training, Jenn Lea, performance coach at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, reminds all frontline health workers to take care of themselves during this crisis. An important piece of that is how you’re connecting with others. In this video, Jenn Lea explains the importance of human connection and provides suggestions of how to connect with those around you, but also how to connect with yourself. If your sense of isolation and loneliness feels severe, please seek help.

How to Find Human Connection In a Physically Distant World
Finding Mental Health Help and Crisis Support
As a frontline health worker, you’re probably experiencing the type of stress that can cause people to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and depressed. These feelings are normal responses considering the crisis. However, when they last too long, impair your ability to function, reemerge from a previous condition, or present a significant risk to you or others, it’s a good time to get help.