Why a Center for Innovation?

How Adopting an Innovation Mindset Affects the Way We Work and How We Approach The Future

Building upon our long history of supporting and championing health workers, the Center for Health Worker Innovation was established to serve as a focal point for our own efforts and to create a collaborative space for engagement and partnership with other people and organizations. Our shared belief is that solving the challenges facing health workers will improve healthcare for everyone.

In addition to funding support through the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, the Center draws upon the depth and breadth of Johnson & Johnson's people, network, experience, and innovation capabilities to design with and in service of health workers. By combining catalytic funding, multidisciplinary expertise, and a rich network of partners and advisors around the globe, the Center aims to meet current challenges while imagining and preparing for the future.

Collaborating for Collective Impact

We know we cannot solve complex health worker and health system challenges on our own, and seek to co-create and collaborate with governments, funders and implementers towards a shared vision.

Imbued with a Learning Culture

We are committed to cycles of reflection and iteration, measuring outcomes rather than outputs, and exploring the intended and unintended consequences of our work. We create and curate new insights (including failures) for sharing with our peers and partners through academic publications, newsletters and editorials.

Empathetic and Human-Centered

We put health workers at the center of our strategy and raise up authentic health worker voices through our channels.

Cultivating Imagination and Looking to the Future

We observe, listen to, and learn from our partners and the changing world around us, keeping an eye on disruptive trends in technology, data, design and finance that will impact health. We hold space to collectively imagine and shape the future of healthcare and the health workforce.