Tech-Supported Teams
Maximizing the performance of distributed interprofessional community health teams

Growing evidence shows that digital technologies can strengthen community health worker performance by enabling rapid two-way data transfer, improved adherence to standards and protocols, and increased access to training materials and supportive professional networks. However, digital technologies are not yet widely deployed within government-run community health systems.

Moreover, community health workers do not work in isolation and technology cannot operate in a vacuum. Supervisors and primary care facility managers also need to have the requisite skills to use digital toolsincluding appropriate technical and data literacy—and to perform the management tasks that they enable. Community health teams need clear processes for communication, referral and accountability.

The Center aims to shift the emphasis from individual community health workers to high-functioning community health teams, bringing together technology, people, and processes to help community health workers realize their lifesaving potential. We will work with partners to scale up effective digital technologies for community health systems, strengthen the management skills of both community- and facility-based supervisory cadres, and identify and promote processes and practices that enable high-functioning teams.

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