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Digital Learning Platforms
Increasing frontline health worker skills and capabilities through accessible virtual platforms

There is a quality crisis in the delivery of community-oriented primary health care. Poor quality of care is now associated with more deaths than lack of access, with an estimated 5 million deaths due to poor quality among people using care and 3.6 million from lack of access.

Frontline health workers require easy access to practical knowledge to support quality service delivery that keeps pace with changing clinical protocols and disease burden. However, the current curriculum development and training process – typically still fragmented, paper-based, and face-to-face – is both slow and costly.

Digital learning platforms offer a highly scalable and accessible channel for health worker education that can be rapidly updated in response to changing needs and health worker engagement. Courses can be tailored towards refreshing clinical skills, strengthening leadership and management competencies, and boosting resilience, with content optimized for delivery via mobile phone to ensure equitable access even in remote and rural settings.

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