Primary Care & Systems Strengthening

Programs such as the Penn Center for Community Health Workers are improving health outcomes and helping to reduce healthcare costs
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Alina D. Bishop Velarde, a midwife in Morelos, Mexico, is seeking to promote the humanization of birth. “It’s something many women in Mexico do not experience during childbirth,” she says. “In this world everything is going so quickly, we forget about this human ingredient.”
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At the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, we recognize that frontline health workers are the heart of strong community and primary care systems. When the world shifted its attention to health workers amidst COVID-19, the Center was already working with partners around the globe to strengthen community-based health systems by supporting frontline health workers to achieve health for all by 2030.
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There is no doubt about it: COVID-19 has caused the most significant threat to global health in the 21st century.
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Community Health Workers (CHWs) are playing a pivotal role in fighting COVID-19, especially in countries with vulnerable health systems. Beyond the pandemic, CHWs can contribute to advancing universal health coverage, but only if they are set up for success—according to the Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC) which is working to make professionalized community health workers a norm worldwide.
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At the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, we believe that in order to effectively strengthen community health systems, including closing the 18 million health worker shortage, we must prioritize the needs of individual health workers and what they need to thrive on the job.
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At the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, we believe that solving the challenges of frontline health workers will help improve healthcare for everyone. To achieve this goal, we collaborate with our partners to build tools, deliver interventions, and strengthen systems that center health workers’ needs and perspectives.
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Today on World Children’s Day, I am reflecting on my role as a mother and how I want to reimagine a different world for my children. I want a world where all children, regardless of where they are born, have the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life and reach their full potential.
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John Lazame Tindanbil, Executive Director of MABIA-Ghana, is a recipient of the 2020 Aspen Nurse Innovator Grant in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Foundation. The grant recognizes nurse/midwife innovators for their innovative practices to provide healthcare access to marginalized communities.
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage throughout Africa and essential health services like immunization campaigns are interrupted, community health workers (CHWs) continue to play a key role in protecting their communities by providing vital and often life-saving care. The demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has grown substantially and, in many countries, CHWs are not included in the forecasting for PPE. This lack of recognition puts the front line of primary healthcare “last in line” for this essential equipment.
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