Interactive e-learning course on mental resilience and well-being for nurses
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The program, in collaboration with Sigma, aims to help early career frontline nurses in the US and Canada grow their leadership skills such as preparing for difficult situations and advocating for change in the workplace.
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Whitney Nash, Michelle Baxter and Beverly Williams Coleman—alums of the Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program—discuss how they set up a primary care clinic in the University of Louisville School of Dentistry
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When it came to nursing, Sasha DuBois felt called to serve. She came from a family of health providers and frontline staff, and she was happiest herself when she was helping someone. “I knew I wanted to be the first and last person by the patient’s bedside,” she recalls.
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Partnering with the Foundation of the National Student Nurses' Association to increase nursing scholarships for Black students and other traditionally underrepresented groups
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At the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, we recognize that frontline health workers are the heart of strong community and primary care systems. When the world shifted its attention to health workers amidst COVID-19, the Center was already working with partners around the globe to strengthen community-based health systems by supporting frontline health workers to achieve health for all by 2030.
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Virtual simulators, financial support provided to students
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Community Health Workers (CHWs) are playing a pivotal role in fighting COVID-19, especially in countries with vulnerable health systems. Beyond the pandemic, CHWs can contribute to advancing universal health coverage, but only if they are set up for success—according to the Community Health Impact Coalition (CHIC) which is working to make professionalized community health workers a norm worldwide.
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Johnson & Johnson has a long legacy of supporting the nursing community—and the challenges brought on by COVID-19 have only strengthened its commitment to find new ways to give back to these essential healthcare workers over the past year.
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