Julie Cornell

Senior Manager, North America
Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact
Julie Cornell is responsible for driving the initiatives of the Center for Health Worker Innovation in North America to support nurses, midwives and community health workers. She also drives the Center's global strategy to provide leadership and management training to frontline health workers ensuring they can fulfill their full potential as leaders in healthcare. In her previous role as Manager for Worldwide Corporate Contributions, Julie was responsible for managing a portfolio of international programs to address gender-based violence and promote maternal-child health, gender equality, health literacy, and women’s economic empowerment.
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A 2018 study in The Lancet showed that 5 million people in low- to middle-income countries died in 2016 from poor quality healthcare, and an additional 1.5 million people from not having access to care itself.
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Results from a two-month long pilot of LinkedIn Learning Courses for early career/bedside nurses overwhelmingly affirmed that fundamental personal leadership and resilience skills traditionally not provided in pre-clinical academic learning are critical to their professional success.
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