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How African-Led Innovation is Transforming Global Health

Recap and recording of September 8 Front Line in Focus webinar

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the power of technological innovation to help achieve universal health care and a variety of global health goals. COVID-19 has also underscored the importance of addressing health disparities and highlighted how crucial these innovations will be to prepare for and prevent future global health emergencies.

Health workers, medical practitioners, entrepreneurs and other leaders in the healthcare industry on the African continent have been driving impactful innovations, specifically in the digital and tech spaces. Now is the time to recognize and invest in them.

The event, How African-Led Innovation is Transforming Global Health, was the latest in the Front Line In Focus webinar series from the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation. This 60-minute conversation explored how the African continent is driving innovation to build a stronger health system, and how we can drive increased investments to scale up and sustain these solutions. Speakers included:

  • Sarah Mullane, Technology Lead, Johnson & Johnson Global Community Impact
  • Dr. William Mapham, CEO & Founder of Vula Mobile
  • Lazola Makhupula, Senior Strategic Information Lead at mothers2mothers
  • Wendy Leonard, Executive Director at TIP Global Health
  • Theresa Pattery, Vice President of Disease Management Programs at Johnson & Johnson Global Public Health
  • Joyce Kabiru, Country Engagement and Investment Manager at Financing Alliance for Health
  • Dr. Raji Tajudeen, Head of the Division of Public Health Institutes and Research at Africa CDC
  • Pauline Keronyai, Executive Director at Nama Wellness Community Centre.