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Listen: The Point of Care Podcast Series

What does care look like in different parts of the world? How do different communities value care? In a new podcast series from The Conduit and the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, host Paul van Zyl is joined by health workers, technical experts and advocates to explore innovative, community-based solutions that are powering efforts to deliver health for all. 

Note: This podcast series was designed to give health workers from different communities a platform to tell their own stories, especially those who are harder to reach and often left out of conversations. We quickly learned that some of the challenges health workers face, including access to internet and reliable communications, would cascade down to our podcast, which relied on virtual interviews. However, despite audio quality issues, we believe it is crucial to include these health workers’ voices in all conversations about health systems because they are the very heart of care. We invite you to keep this in mind when listening to the episodes.

The Conduit Pod graphic_mother2mother4.jpg The Conduit Pod graphic_mother2mother4.jpg

Holistic, community-based care in South Africa - with mothers2mothers

In this episode, mothers2mothers South Africa Country Director Shombi Ellis and Mentor Mother Millicent Magwa explain m2m’s unique community-based primary care delivery model and the organization’s impact on mother-to-child HIV transmission prevention.

The Conduit Pod graphic_NACHW.jpg The Conduit Pod graphic_NACHW.jpg

Community-based care as a solution to health equity challenges in the U.S. - with the National Association of Community Health Workers and Visión y Compromiso

This episode features two women who are powering the movement for recognition of Community Health Workers in the U.S. – Denise Octavia Smith, the founding Executive Director of the National Association of Community Health Workers, and Maria Lemus, Executive Director of Visión y Compromiso.

The Conduit Pod graphic_ALL-IN (1).jpg The Conduit Pod graphic_ALL-IN (1).jpg

Restoring hope for the health workforce - with ALL IN and the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation

In this episode, Corey Feist, co-Founder of the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes Foundation and Dr. Stefanie Simmons, Vice President of Patient and Clinician Engagement at Envision Physician Services, explore the urgent need for support for health workers’ mental health. This episode includes mentions of suicide and mental illness. Please take care while listening. 

The Conduit Pod graphic_Brazil.jpg The Conduit Pod graphic_Brazil.jpg

A Case Study on Brazil’s Community Health Agents - with Johnson & Johnson

In this episode, Ewerton Nunes, Global Community Impact Manager at Johnson & Johnson, shares the profound impact that Brazil’s community health workforce has had on strengthening the health system’s resilience against health crises.

The Conduit Pod graphic_CHIC.jpg The Conduit Pod graphic_CHIC.jpg

The Value of a Community Health Worker - with the Community Health Impact Coalition

In this episode, Community Health Impact Coalition Executive Director Madeleine Ballard and Community Health Worker Prossy Muyingo explore how a well-supported community health workforce can strengthen health systems and deliver health for all, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.