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Front Line in Focus Webinar: Prioritizing Health Worker Resilience in the Journey Toward Health for All

See recording and Illustrations from July 20 event below
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Front Line in Focus Webinar: Prioritizing Health Worker Resilience - July 20, 2021
Front Line in Focus Webinar: Prioritizing Health Worker Resilience - July 20, 2021

On July 20, the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation hosted an interactive virtual event as part of the Front Line in Focus series to explore evidence-based approaches to boosting health worker resilience and, discuss strategies for adaption and contextualization, highlight the evidence gaps and feature methods to optimize measurement and evaluation to determine what works.

Against a background of already fragile or broken health systems, COVID-19 has pushed many frontline health workers—particularly those in lower-resourced settings—to the point of burnout. Alongside efforts to address long-term system challenges and reduce stressors such as ensuring adequate access to PPE and workload reduction, there is an opportunity to improve health workers’ ability to cope with and manage workplace stress by building their resilience.

At an individual level, resilience is the acquired ability to recover, adapt and grow amidst stress—and serves as a protective factor against burnout. Today, as health workers leave the profession due to burnout, it exacerbates the 2030 projected health worker shortage gap. For those who remain working while exhibiting symptoms of burnout, evidence shows increased medical errors and lower quality of care for patients.

Targeting implementation partners, program managers, NGOs and funders, this session will explore the interconnectedness of resilience and burnout among health workers, how they each affect health system outcomes and the well-being of health workers through a conversation moderated by a behavioral scientist that will bring together frontline health workers, successful program developers and community health implementers.

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