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At Johnson & Johnson, we always have and always will #BacktheFrontline. From nurses and midwives to community health workers and first responders, those on the front lines of care are more than heroes of a pandemic; they are essential leaders in healing our communities and reenvisioning better health systems.

And frontline health workers still need us to #BacktheFrontline.

The world saw first hand the skill, grit and heart it takes to serve on the front lines of care. And they told us what they need to lead—now we need to play our part. At the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, we’re determined that the front line emerges from this pandemic better equipped and supported than before.

It’s time to unite behind the front line. Join us in recognizing and elevating their voices.

#BacktheFrontline: Let’s Learn the Lessons, Let’s Back the Frontline
#BacktheFrontline: Let’s Learn the Lessons, Let’s Back the Frontline

How We #BacktheFrontline

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Delivering Health for All
Those who serve in healthcare are driven as caregivers but also researchers, innovators, and advocates for their profession and their communities. Only by recognizing and engaging their expertise as experts in their field and their community can we fully see the depth of their insight brought to bear for improving our society.

Frontline health workers can heal more than our wounds and treat symptoms deeper than a single virus. That is why we turn to them to guide us in restoring trust and equity to our systems.

More Equitable Health Systems? Empower Frontline Health Workers

For years, systemic racism has been evident through reduced life expectancy and increased maternal and infant mortality among people of color, but it has come into sharper focus with the COVID-19 pandemic. Joanne Peter and Ben Davies discuss the Center’s approach to begin dismantling deeply established systems of exclusion and discrimination by working to empower frontline health workers who are at the very heart of delivering primary and community-based care.

Two Pandemics, One Solution: Why We Stand with Leaders on the Front Lines of Care

Amidst headlines of fear and frustration, COVID-19 has also surfaced profiles of health workers demonstrating great courage. Frank Rodriquez shares how the Center is helping to strengthen the leadership skills of nurses, midwives and community health workers so patients’ and communities’ best allies are empowered with the tools needed to strengthen health systems.

Dr. Robyn Jones on Volunteering With the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium

Dr. Robyn Jones, Senior Medical Director at Johnson & Johnson, who spent five weeks volunteering with the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium providing free testing and education to hard-hit communities in Philadelphia, shares how the consortium is working to #BackTheFrontline and fill the gaps in access.

Adequately Supporting Health Workers Through and Beyond COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put frontline healthcare workers—the heart of every health system—in the spotlight. At Devex’s flagship digital event, “On the Frontlines: Empowering Global Health Workers in the Era of COVID-19,” Anthony Gitau discusses why it is important to use this momentum to accelerate and enhance long-term supports for frontline health workers.