Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures

In 2019, we launched Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures, a new impact investment initiative within the Johnson & Johnson Foundation that seeks to invest in market based solutions and business models to support the access and delivery of quality and affordable care. The investment strategy is guided by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, following expert counsel from an Impact Advisory Committee. Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures has committed $5 million to five impact investments in Kenya, the UK, Brazil and Southeast Asia that have been 80% executed.

A selection of our investments to date include:

Jacaranda Maternity, a maternity hospital focused on providing quality, patient-centered care to urban mothers in Kenya.

Flare, a Kenya-based emergency response technology platform, that connects the largest network of first responders and has reduced emergency response time from an average of 162 minutes to 20 minutes. SouthLake Medical Center, a hospital and clinics serving local flower farm workers and their families in the Naivasha district in Kenya

WaterEquity, a fund that invests in social enterprises and microfinance institutions that deliver access to clean water to homes and communities across Southeast Asia and is expected to provide 4.5 million people with water access in seven years.

TNH Health, an AI-enabled digital health platform in Brazil to engage with public and monitor health and wellbeing.

Patients Know Best, a British social enterprise, aims to put patients in control of their own medical records. Patients Know Best also integrates into the U.K. National Health Service Connecting for Health network to provide patients with tools to work with clinicians

It is my hope that the launch of Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures will help galvanize further private funding towards bridging the health gap, improving communities globally and ultimately making the world a healthier place.
Joseph Wolk, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Johnson & Johnson