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Register to Attend October 28 COVID 50/50 Action Lab Focusing on Women’s Unpaid Care Work

Johnson & Johnson Foundation is pleased to partner with Women in Global Health (WGH) on a digital Action Labs series to foster dialogue on how gender inequity is impacting the global response to COVID-19.

Women form 70% of the global health workforce fighting on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, yet women's expertise and perspectives are woefully underrepresented in decision-making spaces including on national task forces and WHO’s COVID-19 emergency response committee. The Five Asks for Gender-Responsive Global Health Security put forth by WGH confront the many ways power and privilege play out in the provision of healthcare worldwide which undermine global health by preventing women from contributing equally to the fight against challenges like COVID-19.

Each Action Lab, produced in collaboration with the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, will address one of the WGH Five Asks through interactive panel discussions showcasing the voices of those central to the response to COVID-19 and are designed to drive local advocacy. Action Lab 1 focused on women in global health security decision-making and women's leadership within the health and social care workforce; Action Lab 2 focused on providing safe and decent working conditions for health workers, most of whom are women.

Join Women in Global Health and the Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation for our third COVID 50/50 Action Lab on recognizing the value of women’s unpaid work and redistributing unpaid family care between women and men.

Every year, women contribute an estimated $3 trillion in labor to health, of which almost half is unrecognized and unpaid. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the challenges frontline health workers face to be fairly compensated for their work. Join us on October 28 for the third COVID 50/50 Action Lab to learn what actions we can take to recognize the vital work of those on the front lines. Hear from experts, advocates and frontline health workers as we unpack the critical issue of compensation and recognition, the underpinning of strong and resilient health systems we need.

Join us, and Engage! Enable! And Ignite Action! Gender Equality can’t wait till the next pandemic.