Voices From the Front Line

Grobogan in Central Java, Indonesia, has one of the district’s highest maternal and infant mortality rates. Johnson & Johnson Foundation, in partnership with Project HOPE, is responding to maternal and infant health needs in Grobogan by equipping health workers with skills to detect and manage complications at childbirth as well as knowledge about reducing COVID-19 infections.
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A disproportionate number of women die from preventable pregnancy-related causes in rural Indonesia. Most of them deliver at home with traditional birth attendants who are not equipped to handle complications during labor and childbirth, contributing to Indonesia’s high maternal mortality rate—one of the highest in Southeast Asia.
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Young women in South Africa contract HIV at rates four times higher than young men; many are also pregnant when learning their HIV status.
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Ebony Marcelle is a 2018 Duke-Johnson & Johnson Nurse Leadership Program Fellow
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Johnson & Johnson joined forces with Americares to support disaster response efforts in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria in 2017 and continues to fund MHPSS programs aimed at promoting health worker well-being and resilience and strengthening community-based primary healthcare systems.
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