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Inspiring Moments of Healthcare Heroes in Grobogan, Indonesia

Grobogan in Central Java, Indonesia, has one of the district’s highest maternal and infant mortality rates. Johnson & Johnson Foundation, in partnership with Project HOPE, is responding to maternal and infant health needs in Grobogan by equipping health workers with skills to detect and manage complications at childbirth as well as knowledge about reducing COVID-19 infections.

Photographer Oscar Siagian spent a day on the front lines capturing images of medical staff determined to save the lives of mothers and babies amidst the pandemic. The images present the enthusiasm, courage and resilience of frontline health workers in Grobogan who soldier on despite risks to their personal health and safety.

“This project is helping to reduce maternal mortality rates in Grobogan,” says Dr. Rizki Aditya Bachrudin, an OB-GYN at Permata Bunda Hospital in Grobogan. “For example, the training to improve the quality of maternal and infant services also comes with counseling services."

Reni Harsanti, a mother, is grateful for these significant changes. “The midwife now makes more regular visits, and I receive more attention than before. She provides a lot of motivation and knowledge. I feel more comfortable as a mother and have learned a great deal about how to care for my child.”