What does it take to create a truly equitable healthcare system? From entrepreneurs to investors to community workers from across the globe, the new Future of Global Healthcare podcast speaks to the people aligning capital and technology to find the answer. Produced by The Conduit in partnership with Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation, this series investigates the trends, challenges and opportunities in the global healthcare sector that are being drive for, by and with frontline health workers.

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Dr. Betty Mirembe on how peer to peer healthcare delivery models can enable communities to stay healthy and thrive

In this episode Dr. Betty Mirembe, County Director of mothers2mothers in Uganda explains why the community healthcare model of mothers2mothers has been so successful in eliminating paediatric AIDS, how technology and data can be used to scale healthcare delivery systems in local communities and the importance of working with government and local partners to scale and increase the reach of their services.

Dr. Peter Drobac on how we can reimagine and realize an equitable healthcare system globally

In this episode Peter Drobac, Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship joins us to talk about the investments we need to make to create a more equitable healthcare system and the lessons we can learn from COVID-19, in Rwanda and beyond, to better prepare and rebuild our healthcare systems for the future.