Our Global Impact Investment Portfolio

Colorado Mountain College
Continuous commitment to an affordable and high-quality education.
TNH Health
Brazilian Chatbot company working with public municipals to monitor health and disease outbreaks.
Village Capital
Helping entrepreneurs bring big ideas from vision to scale.
Dem Dx
Aiming to improve healthcare by giving all healthcare workers access to the medical diagnostic information that they require in order to do their jobs, diagnosing patients more accurately and with greater confidence.
Patients Know Best
Social enterprise and technology platform, designed to bring together patient data from health and social care providers and the patient’s own data, into one secure personal health record.
Next generation technologies for first responders—building the first integrated emergency response system for Africa.
Jacaranda Maternity
Dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable, respectful family health care services.
Southlake Medical Center
Kenya-based hub-and-spoke primary health care model.
Working with impact investors and entrepreneurs to see business transform poverty.
Indonesia's first peer-to-peer student loan platform.
Dharma Life
Improving the quality of life in rural India through an entrepreneurship model that provides the rural poor with livelihoods and access to socially impactful products and services.
Putting capital to work to deliver universal access to safe water and sanitation.