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America will soon be a majority-minority country; we need health care innovators to reflect that diversity
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Twelve entrepreneurs shared their stories at the Shaping the Future of Healthcare Work in the US Startup Showcase co-hosted last week by Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures and Village Capital. The virtual event kicked off with presentation pitches from the entrepreneurs and culminated in a panel discussion with healthcare impact investors and public health stakeholders on how the pandemic will shape healthcare impact investment over the next decade.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly underscored the urgent need to close the critical gap in health worker coverage. According to the The State of the World’s Nursing Report (2020) by the World Health Organization (WHO), the South-East Asia region is projected to have under 25 nurses per 10,000 people by 2030, below the WHO’s benchmark of 27.4 nurses per 10,000. The countries accounting for the largest shortages in 2018 included Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nigeria.
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Access to high-quality and affordable training is critical to addressing the need for frontline health workers like nurses, and the 18 million health worker shortfall in global health more broadly.
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