About JJIV

Why Johnson & Johnson?

As the largest broad-based healthcare company in the world, Johnson & Johnson has an important and unique role to play in fueling innovation in human health.

"It is my hope that the launch of Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures will help galvanize further private funding towards bridging the health gap, improving communities globally and ultimately making the world a healthier place."
Joseph Wolk, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Johnson & Johnson

We are uniquely positioned to harness all our network, knowledge and expertise to help companies overcome structural barriers and scale. We also have an ability to draw on an array of traditional philanthropic tools and innovative market-based approaches such as impact investing. We cannot solve complex public health challenges alone; we hope that the new impact investing initiative—along with the broader platform for innovative finance—will help to galvanize necessary private funding towards bridging the health gap at scale.

Leveraging full scale of the Company’s assets, JJIV is uniquely positioned to provide not only catalytic funding, but also access to transformational technical assistance programs, mentorship, and network. As part of our portfolio approach, we seek to identify opportunities and engagements where Johnson & Johnson can be instrumental in its value add, whether it’s providing short term employee engagement opportunities or executive mentorship as part of board governance.