Middle East

The refugee crisis in the aftermath of the humanitarian conflict in Syria overburdened healthcare facilities in many countries hosting immigrants including Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan, including a reemergence of infectious diseases. Health system strengthening is needed in this region that has endured years of ongoing conflict, especially to tackle the high prevalence of burnout among health workers, which has costly consequences for patients as well as the health systems that already face critical shortages of health workers.

Working with partners and stakeholders in the region, CHWI co-created a Community Health Platform in Jordan to help integrate community health workers in the formal system and build the capacity of community health workers at the primary care level. The program aims to increase the number, skills, leadership capabilities and resilience of nurses, midwives and community health workers and improve health outcomes with supporting technology, norms and standards.

CHWI launched the Community Health Platform in Jordan in 2019 and is working with partners to replicate the program in Lebanon and Egypt in alignment with government priorities and local healthcare laws.

Partners in the Middle East include: