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Latin America

The Latin American region has a high variation in terms of economic development and health profiles among its population. Approximately 30% of the population do not have access to health care for economic reasons and 21% do not seek care because of geographical barriers. Few countries in the region meet international indicators, such as number of doctors/nurses per 10,000 inhabitants, and these health workers are often concentrated in capital cities or in a few geographical areas, leaving groups outside of these areas neglected. Latin America is characterized by a high level of inequity and inequality, with a significant percentage of the population in the base of the pyramid. For example, maternal mortality rates are worse in indigenous and rural populations compared to the urban and high-income citizens. Absenteeism, an intention to give up the profession, personal deterioration and family deterioration were associated with the emotional exhaustion and burnout of health workers in Latin America.

Goals for the Latin America Hub:

  • Build resilience, skills, and capacity among nurses and community health workers
  • Recognize and strengthen the Midwifery practice

Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Provide leadership training and education that advances the role of health workers in health systems as innovative change agents
  • Provide scalable, evidence-based content and practical linkages to care to support resilience and positive mental health
  • Address workforce coverage gaps through programming, innovative finance and thought leadership

To accelerate impact in these areas, CHWI aims to:

  • Launch a digital platform for mental health assessment and emotional support
  • Strengthen strategic partnerships to scale and recognize midwifery across the region
  • Pilot an e-learning platform for nursing, and for training and supporting CHWs
  • Strengthen relationships with governments, new partners and professional organizations to align CHWI strategy with local priorities for scale and sustainability

Partners in Latin America include: