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Launching the Front Line in Focus Event Series

Register to attend April 28 event focusing on health worker respect and recognition

COVID-19 further affirmed that frontline health workers are the backbone of our health systems. They are the first and often only point of contact with the health system for millions of people—yet their voices are often muffled, and their working conditions and compensation are often poor.

To illustrate the challenges, as well as the opportunities for improvements, Johnson & Johnson Center for Health Worker Innovation is hosting the first event in a webinar series on the theme of Health Worker Respect & Recognition on April 28, 10 a.m. ET, keeping up the momentum from World Health Worker Week earlier in the month. These events will explore the critical role of community-based healthcare as the key solution to improving and supporting health for all.

Panelists will speak to lived experiences and speakers will present on the policies and systems-level challenges and highlight a newly launched advocacy portal to drive action from the engaged public.